Paul Lewis Anderson is an award winning filmmaker. What awards? Oh, you know…really distinguished ones. He drinks a pot of coffee every day. When he grows up he’d like to work with animals. He loves elephants but wants a dog. Not too small, but something sensible for NYC. A beagle would be great. He’s currently working on a short documentary about the residents of Queensbridge housing. One day he’d like to visit Seattle. Linked in says a professional bio should be 250 words. Paul isn’t on linked in anymore because they send too many emails.

This is Jacques Lang. He is a Director of Photography. He has a neat Australian accent. He’s been nominated for some distinguished awards too. He just bought a new guitar…if you know a place he could crash for a while that’d be great.

Sean Brogan is a freelance editor who specializes in documentaries and short narrative films. Born & raised on Long Island, he is a graduate of CW Post, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. When he is not editing he enjoys traveling, photography and writing. Sean seems to thinks a bio is a personal ad.
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